World-wide Air Quality Monitoring Data Coverage


In September 2018, real-time Air Quality information is available for than 10,000 stations in 1000 major cities from 80 countries, thanks to the huge effort from the world EPAs (Environmental Protection Agencies).

There are currently more than 20,000 known air quality monitoring stations in the world, out of which more than 10,000 are published on the World Air Quality Index project. In order to keep a high level on consistency, only stations with particulate matter (PM2.5/PM10) readings are published. The AQI standard for every single published station is based on the US EPA Instant-Cast standard.

The data published on the World Air Quality Index is real-time and therefore unvalidated at the time of publication. However, in order to ensure high level of accuracy for each AQI figures, several machine learning processing solution are used. For instance, data consistency is verified, in real-time, with the neighbor stations, allowing to automatically detect defective monitoring stations, and remove them, if needed, from the map.

The map below shows the location of the known monitoring stations (screen-shot from August 2018):

As the worldwide EPA are continuously developing and increasing the Air Quality monitoring station coverage, this page is regularly updated. For reference, there was 8,000 known stations in September 2014. Below is a non exhaustive list of some of the world-wide EPAs:


If your city or country is not in the list below, or if you are an organization with Air Quality monitoring data that you would like to publish on the World Air Quality Index, please refer to the publishing data guide.

1. Bangladesh1 cityData available for Dhaka. Check country/ bangladesh/
2. Bhutan1 cityData was available (see the National Environment Commission)
3. Brunei DarussalamFull
4. CambodiaNoneOn-going, please check country/ cambodia/
5. ChinaFull
6. Hong KongFull
7. IndonesiaFull
8. JapanFull
9. Korea, Republic ofFull
10. KyrgyzstanNoneOn-going
11. LaosNoneSee this report from the UNEP
12. MacaoFull
13. MalaysiaFullOnly pre-calculated AQI is provided.
No detailed Individual pollutant AQI (IAQI) is available
14. Mongolia1 cityData is available only for the capital city (Ulaanbaatar)
15. MyanmarNoneNo known data available
16. NepalFull
17. Philippines1 cityData for Metro Manilla is available
18. SingaporeFull
19. Sri LankaNoneNo data is available despite information that monitoring is done in Colombo (see this article and AirRMC
20. TaiwanFull
21. ThailandFullNot all stations provide hourly data - some only have daily data
22. Viet Nam6 citiesHanoi, HCMC, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ha Long and Viet Tri
Middle East, from India to Turkey
23. Bahrain1 cityData is available for Manama
24. EgyptNoneNo known data available. Read more
25. Georgia1 cityData is being monitored for Tbilisi
26. IndiaFull
27. Iran, Islamic Republic ofFullFull coverage since 2018
28. IsraelFull
29. JordanNoneNo known data available. Read more
30. Kazakhstan1 cityData is available for Astana
31. Kuwait1 cityData available for Kuwait City
32. Kuwait1 cityData is available for Kuwait City
33. Lebanon1 cityData available for Beirut, but not published
34. Oman1 cityData was available for Sohar - but not anymore since Q3 2016
35. PakistanNoneInvestigations on-going with several universities and institutions
36. Qatar1 cityData for Doha is available, but not published
37. Russian Federation1 cityData is available only for the capital city (Moscow)
38. Saudi ArabiaNoneData is being monitored, but not published
39. TurkeyFull
40. United Arab Emirates2 citiesData for Abu Dhabi used to be available - but Information System is now down for maintenance. Data for Dubai is fine
Latin America
41. Argentina1 cityMonitoring available for Buenos Aires - but not published
42. BoliviaData is available only for one city
43. Brazil1 cityData is available only for one city (Sao Palo)
44. ChileFull
45. Colombia1 cityData is available only for the capital city (Bogota)
46. Ecuador1 cityOn-going, data is available for Capital city (Quito)
47. GuatemalaFullOnly Guatemala city is having PM reading
48. MexicoFull
49. PanamaData is monitored, but not available
50. Peru1 cityData is available for Lima
51. Puerto Rico2 cities2 stations available (San Juan and Ponce)
52. Salvador1 city
53. VenezuelaNoneNo known data available
North America
54. CanadaFull
55. United StatesFull
56. AlbaniaNoneNo clear information about real-time data available from or
57. AndorraFull
58. AustriaFull
59. BelgiumFull
60. Bosnia and HerzegovinaNoneNo known functionnal and real-time PM reporting (from
61. BulgariaFullFull coverage since 2018
62. CroatiaFull
63. CyprusFull
64. Czech RepublicFull
65. DenmarkFull
66. EstoniaFull
67. FinlandFull
68. FranceFull
69. GermanyFullOnly the stations providing hourly PM data are published. Stations without hourly data are located in East Germany (Saxon)
70. GibraltarFullThe AQI is published, but data is only available intermittently
71. Greece1 CityData available for Northen Greece from airlabs. For Athens, only daily data is available from
72. HungaryFull
73. IcelandFull
74. IrelandFullThe AQI is published, but data is only available intermittently
75. ItalyFullMost of the data is available on a daily basic, except from few stations with hourly data (From CNR-ISAC and Lombardia)
76. Kosovo1 CityPristina monitoring operated by the US embassy
77. LithuaniaFull
78. LuxembourgFull
79. MacedoniaFull
80. MaltaFull
81. MontenegroNoneNo real-time data from the CETI despite evendencies of Investments
82. NetherlandsFull
83. NorwayFull
84. PolandFull
85. PortugalFull
86. RomaniaFull
87. SerbiaFull
88. SlovakiaFull
89. SloveniaFull
90. SpainFull
91. SwedenFull
92. SwitzerlandFull
93. Ukraine1 CityOn-going. Now validating the data for Kiev is available on a daily basis from the Central Geophysical Observatory (ЦЕНТРАЛЬНА ГЕОФІЗИЧНА ОБСЕРВАТОРІЯ - КИЇВ)
94. United KingdomFull
95. AustraliaFull
96. New CaledoniaFull
97. New ZealandFull
98. AlgeriaNoneNo known data available. Read more
99. GhanaNoneNo known data available. Read more
100. KenyaNoneNo known data available. Read more
101. LiberiaNoneNo known data available. Read more
102. MoroccoNoneData is monitored but not published. Investigation on-going
103. Senegal1 cityData available for Dakar, but not published
104. South AfricaFullFull coverage since 2018
105. TanzaniaNoneNo known data available. Read more
106. TunisiaNoneNo known data available. Read more

Below is a long (but not exhaustive) list of EPAs referenced by the World Air Quality Index:

Continent: Asia
  • 1: Anhui Province Environmental Protection Office (安徽省环保厅):
  • 2: Atmospheric Pollution Information Center, Gyeonggi-do (경기도 대기오염정보센타):
  • 3: Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center (北京市环境保护监测中心):
  • 4: Chengdu Environmental Protection Agency (成都市环境监测中心站_成都市环境监测中心站):
  • 5: Chifeng Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (赤峰市环境保护局):
  • 6: China National Urban air quality real-time publishing platform (全国城市空气质量实时发布平台):
  • 7: Chongqing Environmental Protection Bureau (重庆市主城区空气质量):
  • 8: Chungcheongbuk-do Institute of Health and Environment (충청북도 보건환경연구원):
  • 9: Chungcheongnam air pollution monitoring network (충청남도 대기오염측정망 - 보건환경연구원):
  • 10: Daegu real-time information system standby (대구광역시 실시간 대기정보 시스템):
  • 11: Daejeon Metropolitan City (대전광역시청):
  • 12: Dalian Municipal Environmental Release System (大连市环境发布系统):
  • 13: Delhi Pollution Control Commitee (Government of NCT of Delhi):
  • 14: Deyang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (德阳市环境保护局):
  • 15: Environment Monitoring Center of Ningbo 宁波市环境监测中心):
  • 16: Environmental Control Division - Miyagi Prefecture official web site (環境対策課 - 宮城県公式ウェブサイト):
  • 17: Environmental Protection Department of Shandong Province (山东省环境保护厅):
  • 18: Fujian Provincial Environmental Protection Office (福建省环境保护厅):
  • 19: Gangwon environmental information system (강원도 대기환경정보시스템):
  • 20: Gansu Province Department of Environmental Protection (甘肃省环保厅):
  • 21: Gifu Prefecture Department of Atmospheric Ehnvironment Preservation (岐阜県 : 大気環境の保全):
  • 22: Government of Qinghai Province Environmental Protection Bureau website (青海省环境保护厅政府网站):
  • 23: Guangdong Environmental Protection public network (广东环境保护公众网):
  • 24: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Agency (广西壮族自治区环境保护厅):
  • 25: Guiyang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (贵阳市环境保护局):
  • 26: Gwangju Institute of Health and Environment (광주광역시보건환경연구원):
  • 27: Gyeongsangbuk-do real-time information system standby (경상북도 실시간대기정보시스템):
  • 28: Gyeongsangnam-do Institute of Health and Environment (경상남도보건환경연구원):
  • 29: Hainan Environmental Protection Agency (海南省国土环境资源厅):
  • 30: Health and environment information systems Busan (부산광역시 보건환경정보 공개시스템):
  • 31: Hebei Province Environment Protection Agency (河北省空气质量自动发布系统):
  • 32: Heilongjiang Provincial Environmental Protection Office (黑龙江省环境保护厅):
  • 33: Helongjiang Environmental Protection Agency (黑龙江省空气质量实时发布平台):
  • 34: Henan Environmental Protection Agency (河南环保 > 网站首页):
  • 35: Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department:
  • 36: Hubei Environmental Protection Agency (湖北省环境保护厅):
  • 37: Hunan Environmental Protection Agency (湖南省环境保护厅):
  • 38: Incheon Metropolitan City (인천광역시 보건환경 연구원 환경정보공개시스템):
  • 39: Indian Central Pollution Control Bureau - CPCB:
  • 40: Inner Mongolia Environmental Protection Agency (内蒙古自治区环境保护厅):
  • 41: Japan Ministry of regional air pollutant monitoring system (環境省大気汚染物質広域監視システム):
  • 42: Jeju-do Institute of Health and Environment (제주특별자치도 보건환경연구원):
  • 43: Jeollabuk-do Institute of Health and Environment (전라북도 보건환경연구원):
  • 44: Jeollanam-do Institute of Health and Environment (전라남도 보건환경연구원):
  • 45: Jiangsu Province PM2.5 Air Monitoring Comission (江苏省城市空气PM2.5等试运行监测数据平台):
  • 46: Jiangxi Province Environmental Protection Agency (江西省环境保护厅):
  • 47: Karamay - Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (中国 - 克拉玛依 - 市环境保护局):
  • 48: Liaoning Provincial Environmental Monitoring (辽宁省环境监测实验中心):
  • 49: Luzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (泸州市环保局):
  • 50: Macao Environmental Protection Agency (澳門地球物理暨氣象局):
  • 51: Malaysia Department of Environment (DOE); Air Polluant Index Management System:
  • 52: Moscow State environmental monitoring (Государственный экологический мониторинг в Москве):
  • 53: Nanjing Air Quality Distribution System (南京空气质量发布系统):
  • 54: Nanning Municipal Environmental Protection Monitoring Station (南宁市环境保护监测站):
  • 55: Ningxia Environmental Protection Agency (宁夏环境保护网):
  • 56: Ordos Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (鄂尔多斯市环境保护局):
  • 57: Seoul Climate Air Pollution Information (도시대기측정소 측정소별 실시간 오염도 : 서울특별시 기후대기환경정보):
  • 58: SAFAR - System of Air Quality Forecasting, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, India:
  • 59: Shanghai Environment Monitoring Center(上海市环境监测中心):
  • 60: Shanxi Province Environmental Monitoring Center (山西省环境监测中心站网站首页):
  • 61: Shenzhen Environment Network (深圳人居环境网):
  • 62: Sichuan Province Environmental Protection Agency (四川省环保重点城市环境空气质量实时监测结果):
  • 63: Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA):
  • 64: South Air Korea Environment Corporation (대기오염실시간공개시스템):
  • 65: State of Hyogo Prefecture atmospheric environment (兵庫県大気環境の状態):
  • 66: Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency:
  • 67: Thailand Pollution Control Departement (กรมควบคุมมลพิษ):
  • 68: The Environment and Forest in Mie,Japan (三重の環境):
  • 69: Tianjin Environmental Monitoring Center (天津市环境监测中心):
  • 70: Tibet Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Agency (西藏自治区环境保护厅):
  • 71: Ulsan Metropolitan City Institute of Health and Environment (울산광역시 보건환경연구원):
  • 72: Urumqi Environmental Protection Agency (乌鲁木齐环保局):
  • 73: Vietnam Center For Environmental Monitoring Portal (cổng thông tin quan trắc môi trường):
  • 74: Wuhan Environmental Protection Bureau (武汉市环保局):
  • 75: Xi'an ambient air quality in real-time release system (西安市环境空气质量实时发布系统):
  • 76: Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (西宁市环境保护局):
  • 77: Xinjiang Environmental Protection Agency (新疆环保厅):
  • 78: Yokohama environmental creation station environment monitoring center (横浜市 環境創造局 環境監視センター):
  • 79: Yunnan Environmental Protection Agency (云南省环境保护厅):
  • 80: Zhejiang Environmental Protection Bureau (浙江省环保厅门户):
  • 81: Air Quality in Abu Dhabi (جودة الهواء في أبو ظبي):
  • 82: Air Quality Department, Capital City, Ulaanbaatar, Mongol (Нийслэлийн агаарын чанарын алба):
  • 83: BMKG | Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi dan Geofisika:
  • 84: Department of Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) - Air Quality Management Section:
Continent: Americas
Continent: Europe
  • 138: ARAP Lazio - Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell'Ambiente del Lazio):
  • 139: ARAP Piemonte - Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell'aria in Piemonte):
  • 140: ASPA Alsace : pollution atmosphérique, surveillance de la qualité de l’air:
  • 141: ATMO Champagne-Ardenne:
  • 142: ATMO Franche-Comté - surveillance de la qualite de l’air:
  • 143: ATMO-PC- La qualité de l’air en Poitou-Charentes:
  • 144: Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell'Ambiente della Lombardia):
  • 145: Air Normand, Surveillent la qualité de l'air que vous respirez:
  • 146: Air PACA, Surveillance de la qualité de l'air en région Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur:
  • 147: Air Quality in Scotland - latest data, forecasts and air quality information:
  • 148: Air Quality in finland (Ilmanlaatu nyt):
  • 149: Air Quality, Saxon State Office (Luftqualität Sächsisches Landesamt für Umwelt, Landwirtschaft und Geologie):
  • 150: Air quality in Norway (Luftkvalitet in Norge):
  • 151: Air | Pays de la Loire:
  • 152: AirAQ- La qualité de l’air en Aquitaine:
  • 153: AirLR- La qualité de l’air en Langedoc-Roussillon:
  • 154: Airbreizh - Qualité de l'air en Bretagne:
  • 155: Airparif - Association de surveillance de la qualité de l'air en Île-de-France:
  • 156: Airquis Information:
  • 157: Arpa Emilia-Romagna:
  • 158: Atmo Auvergne:
  • 159: Atmo Nord - Pas-de-Calais:
  • 160: Atmo Picardie - Qualité de l'air en Picardie (Somme, Aisne, Oise):
  • 161: Atmolor - surveillance de la qualite de l’air en Lorraine :
  • 162: Bayern State Office for the Environment (Bayer. Landesamt fur Umwelt) - LfU:
  • 163: Belgian Interregional Cell for the Environment (IRCEL-CELINE):
  • 164: Berlin Air Quality - (Luftqualität in Berlin):
  • 165: Calidad del Air en Madrid, Servicio de Protección de la Atmósfera:
  • 166: Calidad del Aire en Navarra:
  • 167: Calidad del Aire | Junta de Castilla y León:
  • 168: Calidad del aire - CALIDAD AMBIENTAL - Conselleria de Infraestructuras, Territorio y Medio Ambiente:
  • 169: Calidade do Aire de Galicia:
  • 170: Consejería de Educación, Universidades y Sostenibilidad - Gobierno de Canarias:
  • 171: Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio :: Junta de Andalucía:
  • 172: Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (Český hydrometeorologický ústav):
  • 173: Departamento de Medio Ambiente y Política Territorial · Gobierno Vasco:
  • 174: Direccion General Medio Ambiente, Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia:
  • 175: Gibraltar Environmental Agency:
  • 176: Gwadair - La qualité de l'air en Guadeloupe:
  • 177: Hamburger air monitoring network - (Hamburger Luftmessnetz – FHH):
  • 178: Hungarian Air Quality Network, Maďarský systém na meranie znečistenia vzduchu:
  • 179: Ireland Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):
  • 180: Israel Envista Air Quality Monitoring system:
  • 181: Kvaliteta zraka u Republici Hrvatskoj:
  • 182: La Surveillance de l’Air en Limousin:
  • 183: Landelijk Meetnet Luchtkwaliteit:
  • 184: Lithuania Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):
  • 185: Luftqualität | Nds. Ministerium für Umwelt, Energie und Klimaschutz:
  • 186: Luftreinhaltung Rheinland-Pfalz:
  • 187: MEPA - Malta Environment & Planning Authority:
  • 188: Madininair La qualité de l’air en Martinique:
  • 189: Medi Ambient. Generalitat de Catalunya:
  • 190: Monitorización Red de Calidad del Aire del Principado de Asturias:
  • 191: Naturaleza y Medio Ambiente - Gobierno de Cantabria:
  • 192: Northern Ireland Air:
  • 193: ORA - Surveillance et information sur la qualité de l'air à la réunion:
  • 194: ORAMIP, association agréée pour surveiller la qualité de l'air en région Midi-Pyrénées:
  • 195: Observatoire Air Rhone-Alpes:
  • 196: Observatoire Régional de l'Air de Guyane:
  • 197: Portail de l'Environnement du Grand-duché de Luxembourg:
  • 198: Portugal -Agencia Portuguesa do Ambiente - Qualidade do Ar:
  • 199: Provincie Noord Brabant :
  • 200: Qualitair Région Corse - Surveillance de la qualité de l'air en Corse:
  • 201: Qualità dell’aria | Agenzia provinciale per l'ambiente | Provincia autonoma di Bolzano - Alto Adige:
  • 202: Romanian National Network for Air Quality Monitoring (Reteaua Nationala de Monitorizare a Calitatii Aerului):
  • 203: Slovak hydrometeorological institute (Slovenský hydrometeorologický ústav):
  • 204: Slovenian Environment Agency:
  • 205: State Agency for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection of North Rhine Westphalia (Landesamt für Natur, Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz NRW):
  • 206: State Institute for Environment, Measurements and Nature Conservation Baden-Wurttemberg (Landesanstalt für Umwelt, Messungen und Naturschutz Baden-Württemberg):
  • 207: Surveillance de la qualité de l'air dans la région Centre:
  • 208: Switzerland Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN):
  • 209: The Department of Environmental Science at Aarhus University:
  • 210: Turkey National Air Quality Monitoring Network (Ulusal Hava Kalitesi İzleme Ağı):
  • 211: UK-AIR, air quality information resource - Defra, UK:
  • 212: Umweltbundesamt -Aktuelle Luftgütemesswerte:
  • 213: Überwachung der Luftqualität | LUGV:
  • 214: Aria - ARPA Veneto:
  • 215: Arpa Umbria - Agenzia regionale di protezione ambientale:
  • 216: Provincia Autonoma di Trento - Agenzia provinciale per la protezione dell'ambiente - Aria:
  • 217: Aria — ARPAT - Agenzia regionale per la protezione ambientale della Toscana:
  • 218: ARPA Puglia Agenzia Regionale per la Prevenzione e la Protezione Ambientale:
  • 219: Provincia di Pesaro Urbino - Rete di monitoraggio qualità dell'aria:
  • 220: Infrastructure of High Technology for Integrated Climate and Environmental Monitoring:
  • 221: IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute:
  • 222: SLB.analysis - Stockholm - Uppsala County Air Quality Management Association :
  • 223: Municipality of Malmö:
  • 224: Municipality of Gothenburg:
  • 225: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency:
  • 226: Greek Laboratory of Atmospheric Pollution and Environmental Physics (LAPEP):
  • 227: Greek Ministry of Reconstruction of Production, Environment:
  • 228: Central Geophysical Observatory - Kiev (ЦЕНТРАЛЬНА ГЕОФІЗИЧНА ОБСЕРВАТОРІЯ - КИЇВ):
Continent: Oceania
Continent: Middle East
  • 241: Environmental Research Center (ERC) - Sohar University:
  • 242: Dubai Municipality - Air Quality Monitoring Network:
  • 243: Tehran air quality control system (سامانه کنترل کیفیت هوای تهران):
  • 244: Air Quality in Abu Dhabi (جودة الهواء في أبو ظبي):
  • 245: Carnegie Mellon University Air Quality Monitoring:
  • 246: Doha Dust:
Continent: Africa
  • 247: RBCAA - Richards Bay Clean Air Association:
  • 248: South Africa Air Quality Information System SAAQIS:
  • 249: Morocco, Laboratoire National des Etudes et de Surveillance de la Pollution:
  • 250: Centre de Gestion de la Qualité de l'Air au Senegal:
  • 251: Egyptian General Authority Meteorological:
  • 252: Kenya Meteorological Department:

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