Air Pollution in Morocco
Pollution de l'Air au Maroc

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Le Royaume du Maroc est un très beau pay situe situé au nord-ouest de l'Afrique du Nord. Sa capitale est Rabat et sa plus grande ville Casablanca.

En terme de mesure de la qualité de l'air, il existe un réseau national de plusieurs stations, géré par Méteo Maroc.

Malheuresement, les données de mesure ne sont pas publiées publiquement, et il n'existe donc aucun moyen de connaitre le niveau de la pollution de l'air mesuré par Meteo Maroc. (A l'exception de prévisions journalières pour Casablanca).

Réseau de mesure de la qualité de l’air sur les villes de Casablanc, Safi, El jadida et Kenitra. Les trois stations opérationnelles sont implantées dans des lieux représentatifs de deux types d’exposition. La première est placée à Aïn Sebaa, la deuxième sur l’avenue Zerktouni et la troisième à Sidi Othmane.


GAIA A12 Monitoring Station

Unless data is made available by the authorities, the World Air Quality Index project recommends to start publishing real-time data using some of the affordable air quality monitoring stations, such as the GAIA A12 (picture on the right).

If you are interested in knowing more about this initiative, or about helping to host a station, then please contact us with the form at the bottom of this page.

Air Pollution in Morocco

(image attribution: wikipedia)

The Kingdom of Morocco is a beautiful pay is located northwest of North Africa. Its capital is Rabat, and its largest city Casablanca.

In terms of measurement of the air quality, there is a national network of several stations, managed by Morocco Weather Service.

Unfortunately, the data are not published publicly, and so there is no way to know the actual level of air pollution measured by Meteo Morocco. (Apart from a daily forecast for Casablanca). :

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Morocco gives increasing attention to air pollution problems from growing industrial activities or heavy traffic, due to their direct and harmful impact on human health, especially on children. Indeed, the cost of air degradation and its impacts have been assessed at 3.6 billion dirhams a year, which represents about 1.03% of GDP.

To remedy this situation, the government has decided to make the mitigation of air quality degradation a priority for the national environmental protection policy and public health. As such, it has taken measures to monitor air quality, strengthen the legal instruments and reduce air pollution.

Forecast / Prévisions

Prévisions de la Qualité de l'air au Maroc / Air Quality Forecast for Morocco

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