Chengdu PM2.5 main AQI update: Comparative PM2.5 data for 2 measurement stations in Chengdu

Posted on January 11th 2013

For more information, please refer to the Shanghai AQI update explanations. The following graphics show the relative PM2.5 AQI data for Chengdu stations on which the overall Chengu AQI is based.

成都美国总领事馆 (Chengdu US Consulate) PM2.5 AQI reported by the US consulate成都成都美国总领事馆 PM25 (小颗粒物)  measured by :
 • U.S. Consulate Chengdu Air Quality Monitor
 • Sichuan Province Environmental Protection Agency (四川省环保重点城市环境空气质量实时监测结果).
Values are converted to the US EPA AQI standard.
成都草堂寺 (Caotang Temple, Chengdu) PM2.5 AQI reported by MEP成都草堂寺 PM25 (小颗粒物)  measured by :
 • Sichuan Province Environmental Protection Agency (四川省环保重点城市环境空气质量实时监测结果)
 • Chengdu Environmental Protection Agency (成都市环境监测中心站_成都市环境监测中心站).
Values are converted to the US EPA AQI standard.

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