The Plantower PMS1003 Air Quality Sensor experiment
Real-time Air Quality readings from the PMS1003

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The PMS 1003 Sensor

The PMS 1003 Sensor is a recent laser based Air Quality Sensor developped by plantower (chinese name: 攀藤 (pānténg)) and used inside a numerous number of air quality sensing devices.

It is also sometimes refered as HK 5001, or labelled under the "oneair" brand, but it is indeed developped and produced by plantower (a Shenzhen based company with office in Beijing).

مشخصات فنی

This is the specification for the PMS1003. One should not consider all those values for granted as there is quite often a big difference between what is said to be possible and what is actually possible (and this is why we are setting up all our experiments).
  • Measuring range: 0.3 to 1.0, 1.0 ~ 2.5, 2.5 to 10 microns (um)
  • Range: 0 ~ 500 ug / m3
  • counting accuracy of 50% @ 0.3um, 98% @ ≥0.5 um said the quasi-volume : 0.1 liters (L)
  • Response time: ≤10 seconds (s)
  • DC supply voltage: 5.0 volts (V)
  • Maximum Operating Current: 120 milliamperes (mA)
  • Standby current: ≤200 microamps (uA)
  • Operating temperature range: -20 ~ + 50 degrees Celsius (℃)
  • Operating humidity range: 0 ~ 99% RH
  • MTBF: ≥ 5 years (Y)
  • Maximum size: 65 × 42 × 23 mm
Note that there are more recent sensors from plantower (PMSxxxx series) which we will be testing later.

در داخل به سنسور نگاه کنید

The sensor comes with a metal casing which is used to prevent from electrostatic discharge (ESD). The inside is enginered like a small dylos monitor:
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In terms of electronics, the PMS1003 is simple but yet very efficient. The main CPU is a Cypress CY8C4245, which a combined ARM Cortex-M0 running at 48Mhz with dedicated ADC, used to sample the output from the diode.

In terms of dust accumulation, the situation is actually not so bad since after 6 months running 24/7, the dust would only accumulated next to the air inlet, but not on the diode or laser.

داده های زمان واقعی

Note: The sensor has been replaced with a new sensor on Nov. 6th 2015. We suspect that the old sensor, which was used 24/7 during 1 hour (in outdoor conditions) is not accurate anymore, either due to dust accumulation, or to decreased sensitivity of the diode to laser power. Once we have more information about this issue, we will provide our findings.

Current Dylos readings are:
  • Particules larger than 2.5 is -,
  • Particules llarger than 0.5 is -,
  • updated on - - (China time).

Current PMS1003 readings:
  • PM1 mg/m3: -,
  • PM2.5 mg/m3: -,
  • PM10 mg/m3: -,
  • updated on - - (China time).

Time series graphs

Note that on the above graph, each of the graph is plotted using a loess smoothing since the output from the PMS 1003 is quite noisy. You can move your mouse over the graph labels to see the actual output vs. the averaged values.

PM2.5 Comparison with Dylos

PM10 Comparison with Dylos

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101-150 ناسالم برای گروه های حساس سلامتی گروه های حساس ممکن است تحت تاثیر قرار بگیرد.عموم مردم احتمالا تحت تاثیر قرار نخواهند گرفت.
151-200 ناسالم همه ممکن است اثرات آلودگی بر سلامتیشان را احساس کنند؛ اعضای گروه های حساس ممکن است اثرات منفی جدی تری بر سلامتی شان احساس کنند.
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