RIVM - 国立公衆衛生環境研究所、全国大気質監視ネットワーク
リアルタイム空気品質センサー ネットワーク

共有: “RIVM - Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieum, Landelijk Meetnet Luchtkwaliteit: リアルタイム空気質センサー ネットワーク


RIVM - 国立公衆衛生環境研究所、全国大気質監視ネットワーク

RIVM - Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieum, Landelijk Meetnet Luchtkwaliteit




GAIA 大気質モニターは、レーザー粒子センサーを使用して、最も有害な大気汚染物質の 1 つである PM2.5 および PM10 粒子汚染をリアルタイムで測定します。

セットアップは非常に簡単です。必要なのは、WIFI アクセス ポイントと USB 互換電源だけです。接続すると、リアルタイムの大気汚染レベルが地図上に即座に表示されます。

このステーションには、10 メートルの防水電源ケーブル、電源、取り付け機器、およびオプションのソーラー パネルが付属しています。

エアネット ネットワーク フィード

Dubai Municipality- Environment Department - Environmental Planning And Studies Section 8 stations Abuja SERLCAR Space Environment Research Laboratory, Center for Atmospheric Research, Abuja1 stations 🇦🇪AED - Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi ( هيئة البيئة - أبو ظبي) 50 stations 🇲🇪Agencija Za Zaštitu Prirode I životne Sredine - Montenegro Environement Protection Agency 5 stations 🇺🇰Air Quality In Wales 19 stations 🇧🇴 🇨🇱 🇲🇽 🇪🇨 🇵🇪 🇺🇸 🇲🇽 🇦🇷Aire Ciudadano Ciencia ciudadana por la Calidad del Aire361 stations 🇰🇿AirKaz.org 249 stations 🇺🇬 🇨🇲 🇪🇹 🇬🇭 🇰🇪 🇳🇬 🇸🇬AirQo Clean air for all African cities595 stations Alaska DEC- Division Of Air Quality Information, Alaska Department Of Enviromental Protection 38 stations 🇬🇹Ambente 4 stations 🇱🇹Aplinkos Monitoringas Vilniaus 20 stations 🇺🇸AQMD NASA 67 stations AQSEA Air Quality Monitoring Capacity in Southeast Asia84 stations 🇦🇺Australian National University (ANU) 26 stations 🇲🇽Ayuntamiento De Mexicali 87 stations 🇮🇩Balai Besar Standardisasi Dan Pelayanan Jasa Pencegahan Pencemaran Industri (BBSPJPPI) 4152 stations 🇮🇩Bandung Institute Of Technology (ITB) 1 stations 🇧🇩Bangladesh University Of Engineering And Technology 2 stations 🇺🇸California EDCAQMD El Dorado County Air Quality Management District63 stations 🇺🇸California FRAQMD The Feather River AQMD1 stations 🇺🇸California RIVR Riverside County Air Quality Management District16 stations 🇺🇸California SBCAPCD Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District40 stations 🇺🇸California SCSB Sonoma Coast State Beach38 stations 🇨🇴 🇪🇸Canair.io Citizen network for monitoring air quality29 stations 🇺🇸CCA California Coalition for Clean Air218 stations 🇺🇸CCA Colorado Citizens for Clean Air62 stations 🇺🇸CCST Crow Creek Sioux Tribe10 stations 🇲🇳Central Laboratory Of Environment And Metrology (CLEM) 9 stations 🇲🇬Centre National De Recherches Sur L'Environnement 8 stations 🇺🇸City Of Minneapolis Community Air Monitoring Project 79 stations Clarity Clarity Movement Co.1664 stations 🇺🇸Clean Air Carolina 100 stations Clean Air Nottingham 9 stations 🇺🇸Clean Air Now Kansas (CANK) 26 stations 🇺🇸CleanAIRE NC 88 stations 🇹🇭Cmu Ccdc 2918 stations 🇺🇸College Of Food, Agricultural And Natural Resource Sciences 1 stations 🇺🇸Colorado APCD Colorado Air Pollution Control Division43 stations 🇨🇦Columbia Shuswap Regional District Air Monitoring Project 28 stations 🇮🇪Cork City Council CCC Cork City Council Air Monitoring Project22 stations 🇭🇷Croatian Environment Agency - Agencija Za Zaštitu Okoliša 41 stations 🇦🇺CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation25 stations Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (Český Hydrometeorologický ústav) 180 stations 🇪🇸Departamento De Medio Ambiente, Planificación Territorial Y Vivienda · Gobierno Vasco 46 stations 🇳🇬EdoState Edo State Nigeria3 stations 🇺🇸EJCAN Environmental Justice Community Action Network20 stations 🇨🇭EPFL-LAPI Laboratory of atmospheric processes and their impacts4 stations 🇱🇰Foundation For Environment, Climate And Technology (FECT) 9 stations 🇺🇸FRESSCA Filtration for Respiratory Exposure to wildfire Smoke from Swamp Cooler Air38 stations Galapagos UNC/USFQ Galapagos Science Center0 stations Ghana AQ The Ghana Urban Air Quality Project (GHAir)13 stations 🇫🇷GWAD'AIR, L’Association Agréée De Surveillance De La Qualité De L'Air En Guadeloupe 6 stations HabitatMap 198 stations 🇺🇸Hawaii State Department Of Health 2 stations 🇺🇸Houston AAH Air Alliance Houston67 stations 🇭🇺Hungarian Air Quality Network (Maďarský Systém Na Meranie Znečistenia Vzduchu) 59 stations 🇲🇽INECC - Instituto Nacional De Ecología Y Cambio Climático 138 stations 🇦🇴Instituto Superior Politécnico Tundavala 4 stations 🇦🇷Jujuy Municipio de San Salvador de Jujuy0 stations 🇮🇩Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup Dan Kehutanan 86 stations 🇺🇦Kievoblast Ecology 13 stations 🇬🇹Laboratorio ECOQUIMSA Guatemala 10 stations Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 4 stations 🇬🇷LAPUP Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics of the University of Patras7 stations 🇸🇳LASOMED Université Gaston Berger1 stations 🇸🇳LPAOSF Laboratoire de Recherche dans le domaine du Climat, de l'Atmosphére et de l'Océanographie2 stations 🇺🇦LUN City Air (ЛУН Місто Air) 190 stations 🇫🇷Madininair La Qualité De L’air En Martinique 5 stations 🇺🇸Massachusetts MASSDEP Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection66 stations 🇲🇬Meteo Madagascar 9 stations 🇺🇸Methow Valley Citizens Council 29 stations 🇵🇦MiAmbiente Ministerio de Ambiente de Panamá5 stations 🇺🇸Mid-Ohio MORPC Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission78 stations 🇺🇸MPCA Minnesota Pollution Control Agency20 stations MSC / UNBC AQMap 794 stations 🇺🇸Multnomah MULTCO Multnomah County Climate and Health15 stations NASA CSESP / RTI 180 stations National Air Quality Portal Of Macedonia 22 stations 🇵🇪National University Of San Agustin Of Arequipa 0 stations 🇺🇸NCC New Castle County Air Quality5 stations 🇫🇷NebuleAir 84 stations 🇳🇵Nepal Health Research Council 7 stations 🇺🇸Nevada NDEP Nevada Division of Environmental Protection74 stations 🇦🇺NSW Department Of Planning And Environment 110 stations 🇫🇷Observatoire De La Qualité De L'Air à Mayotte - Association Agréée Pour La Surveillance De La Qualité De L'Air De Mayotte 4 stations 🇨🇦Ontario MECP Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks26 stations Open Sense 391 stations 🇫🇷ORA - L'Observatoire Réunionnais De L’Air 12 stations 🇫🇷ORA Guyane - Observatoire Régional De L'Air De Guyane 4 stations 🇺🇸Oregon CTUIR Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation31 stations 🇬🇭Oxygen City Environmental Protection Agency in Ghana2 stations 🇮🇳Paljor Naygyal Girls School 1 stations 🇬🇷PANACEA PANhellenic infrastructure for Atmospheric Composition and climatE chAnge82 stations 🇵🇪PCUP Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú5 stations 🇺🇸Physicians For Social Responsibility Pennsylvania 73 stations 🇧🇷Projeto EDUC.AIR Programa de Educação em Qualidade do Ar21 stations Purple Air 59711 stations 🇫🇷Qualitair Région Corse - Surveillance De La Qualité De L'air En Corse 7 stations 🇨🇦Québec CEAEQ Centre d'expertise en analyse environnementale du Québec95 stations RIVM - Rijksinstituut Voor Volksgezondheid En Milieum, Landelijk Meetnet Luchtkwaliteit 87 stations SAMOSA Sensor-based Air measurement Observatory for South Asia332 stations 🇹🇭Sansiri 58 stations 🇺🇦Save Dnipro 1739 stations 🇵🇪SENAMHI Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perú4 stations 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 🇳🇱 🇩🇰 🇧🇪 🇫🇮 🇬🇷 🇦🇺 🇮🇹 🇵🇱 🇻🇳Sensor Community formerly luftdaten.info31812 stations 🇸🇷SEPA - Serbian National Air Monitoring Network (Državna Mreža Za Automatski Monitoring Kvaliteta Vazduha) 58 stations 🇸🇨Seychelles Air Monitoring 12 stations 🇬🇩SGU-GND St. George’s University12 stations 🇨🇱Sistema Nacional De Calidad Del Aire En Chile 94 stations 🇸🇰Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (Slovenský Hydrometeorologický ústav) 55 stations 🇸🇮Slovenian Environment Agency (Agencija RS Za Okolje) 23 stations 🇿🇦South African Air Quality Information System - SAAQIS 163 stations 🇺🇸Texas UNT-GEO University of North Texas, Department of Geography and the Environment97 stations 🇮🇸The Environment Agency Of Iceland 13 stations 🇬🇱The School In Qaanaaq 1 stations U.S. Department Of State 54 stations 🇸🇳UASZ Université Assane Seck de Ziguinchor2 stations 🇦🇹Umweltbundesamt -Aktuelle Luftgütemesswerte 117 stations 🇳🇬UNILAG AQMRG University of Lagos Air Quality Monitoring Research Group3 stations 🇨🇴Universidad De Los Llanos 1 stations 🇵🇪Universidad Nacional Intercultural Juan Santos Atahualpa 3 stations 🇵🇪Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH) 4 stations 🇧🇴Universidad Privada Boliviana 2 stations 🇳🇦University Of Namibia 1 stations 🇲🇺UoM University of Mauritius1 stations 🇷🇴 🇮🇱URad Monitor 3441 stations 🇸🇳USSEIN Université du Sine Saloum El-hâdj ibrahima NIASS2 stations Utopia Fiber UTOPIA Fiber powered air quality monitoring program183 stations 🇻🇳Vietnam Center For Environmental Monitoring Portal (cổng Thông Tin Quan Trắc Môi Trường) 122 stations 🇺🇸Washington SCSB Northwest Clean Air Agency39 stations Washington State Department Of Ecology 97 stations 🇺🇸WE ACT For Environmental Justice West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc11 stations 🇦🇺Western Australia DWER Western Australia Department of Water and Environmental Regulation14 stations 🇿🇲Zambia CEEEZ Centre for Energy, Environment and Engineering1 stations 🇬🇷ΥΠΟΥΡΓΕΙΟ ΠΕΡΙΒΑΛΛΟΝΤΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΕΝΕΡΓΕΙΑΣ - Greek Ministry Of Environment And Energy 6 stations 🇹🇭ยักษ์ขาว Yakkaw (White Giant) 260 stations




指数 大気質指数の分類(米国) 健康影響 / カテゴリ 粒子状物質(PM10,PM2.5)
0 - 50 良い - Good 通常の活動が可能 なし
51 -100 並 - Moderate 特に敏感な者は、長時間又は激しい屋外活動の減少を検討 非常に敏感な人は、長時間または激しい活動を減らすよう検討する必要がある。
101-150 敏感なグループにとっては健康に良くない - Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups 心臓・肺疾患患者、高齢者及び子供は、長時間又は激しい屋外活動を減少 心疾患や肺疾患を持つ人、高齢者、子供は、長時間または激しい活動を減らす必要がある。
151-200 健康に良くない - Unhealthy 上記の者は、長時間又は激しい屋外活動を中止
201-300 極めて健康に良くない - Very Unhealthy 上記の者は、すべての屋外活動を中止
300+ 危険 - Hazardous 上記の者は、屋内に留まり、体力消耗を避ける
(Reference: see wikipedia, and cn.emb-japan.go.jp/)


北京在住の医師Richard Saint Cyr氏による大変役に立つ健康上のアドバイスは、 www.myhealthbeijing.com をご覧ください。

使用上の注意: すべての大気質データは公開時点では妥当性が担保されていないため、これらのデータは予告なしに修正することがあります。 世界大気質指数プロジェクトは、この情報の内容を編集に最善の注意を尽くしておりますが、いかなる状況においても World Air Quality Index プロジェクトチームまたはそのエージェントは、このデータの供給によって直接的または間接的に生じる損失や損害について責任を負いません。



Temperature unit: